Blue Hill Trade Exhibitions
  Blue Hill Optical Technologies is proud to exhibit for many of our partner principals at laser and optical industry exhibitions.  We are also happy to exhibit for individual suppliers at an exhibition which is uniquely interesting to a supplier.

Coming Attractions:

Intermag, San Diego, May 8-12, 2006

Recent Exhibitions:

SPIE's Photonics West, San Jose, CA, Jan 24-26, 2006

Blue Hill will feature strong rosters of high performance lasers, optics and other photonics products at SPIE's Photonics West in San Jose.  On display will be leading products from Asia, Europe & North America.

OSA's CLEO, Baltimore, MD, May 24-26, 2005

Blue Hill exhibited its strongest roster of high performance photonics products to date, from companies based in Germany, Japan, Sweden and Singapore in Baltimore, MD, May 24-26th, 2005.  We displayed cutting edge performance products from several suppliers, products unique in the market.  Factory representatives were on hand from Asia, Europe and North America.

Photonics West, San Jose, CA, January 2005

SPIE's Photonics West in San Jose, California, in January of 2005 was a strong show.  We met many prospects and customers there, and look forward to future business.

Optics East, Philadelphia, PA, October 25-28, 2004

Blue Hill concluded a successful Optics East exhibition in Philadelphia.  We exhibited a very strong roster of products from many of our principals and fielded many more qualified inquiries than for this show in 2003.  Thanks to all who helped make this a strong exhibition!

Photonics West, San Jose, CA, January 27-29, 2004

Blue Hill's Phil Barrows traveled to Photonics West in San Jose to staff the exhibition for several of our five partner principals who exhibited at this show.  These included NLG GmbH, Spectrum Thin Films and others.  Phil also received training from Thorlabs GmbH Fritz Tiede, one of our newer Channel Partners.

Photonics East, Providence, RI, October 25-28, 2003

Blue Hill exhibited at Photonics East in Providence, RI, in October 2003.  We were pleased to exhibit for three of our principals and to discuss their products with interested attendees.  We received inquiries from around New England, around the country and around the world and were generally pleased with the results.  We were also pleased to host our friends from Practical Solar, Inc., in Blue Hill's booth.

Thursday at Photonics East, attendees took advantage of a sunny day to step outside the convention center to view dramatic solar flares through a telescope set up by Blue Hill Principal Anthony Pirera (right), Founder and President of Spectrum Thin Films Corp., Bohemia, NY.  Tony has had a life-long enthusiasm for astronomy, optical instruments and high performance thin film coatings.


Coming Events:

Recent Exhibitions:

Blue Hill exhibited at booth #6230 at SPIE's Photonics West, Jan 24-26, 2006 in San Jose

Blue Hill exhibited at booth #318 at SPIE's Optics East, October 25 & 26 in Boston

OSA's CLEO/Phast, May 2005, Baltimore, MD, USA
A section of Blue Hill's display

SPIE's Optics East, October 2004, Philadelphia, PA
A section of Blue Hill's display


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