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Closed Loop Rotary Galvanometers

Galvoline High Performance Scanners

Galvoline designs and produces a line of high quality galvanometer based optical scanners for single and dual axis beam positioning applications.  Galvoline scanners are offered in several sizes to support smaller and larger mirror apertures, to steer beams of varying sizes.  Our scanners are designed for high performance beam motion with a focus on packaging efficiency, packing high level performance into a small but robust and reliable package size.  Please call or write today for more information...

Download a Galvoline catalog here...


Closed Loop Linear Actuators

Galvoline's Linear Galvanometer

Among the Galvoline product portfolio is the GZ1920 linear actuator.  This closed loop scanner is designed to move a lens or mirror at high speed with excellent precision.  Carrying a lens or mirror of up to 0.75" diameter and 0.125" thickness, the GZ1920 can be used to adjust the focal length of a scanning system, allowing larger processing fields while limiting system costs.  The GZ1920 is a moving coil configuration with a non-contact position sensor for fast, stable, repeatable positioning.  The position sensor is supported by a closed loop servo of its own, reducing error and drift as a function of temperature fluctuations.  Like Galvoline's rotary scanners, the GZ1920 is a high performance unit in a solid, robust but efficient package, designed to be an attractive component for your laser system design.  Please call or write today for more information...

Download a Galvoline catalog here...


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