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Advanced Laser Diode Systems

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The Picosecond Laser Diode Systems


EIG1000D with PIL063G/XS 8 (fiber coupler and fiber), PiLas Digital Control Unit (EIG1000D), Optical Heads (PILxxxG) for 375 nm – 1670 nm)

EIG1000AF with PIL063G (free space), PiLas 100 MHz control Unit (EIG1000AF), Optical Heads (PILxxxF) for 400 nm – 1670 nm, other wavelengths on request

The PiLas Systems are diode lasers emitting very short optical pulses with pulse widths down to 12 ps (FWHM), depending on the laser diode used. The standard system consists of a digital electrical pulse generator EIG and an optical head with a laser diode and a collimating optics (paralleling optics, single mode fiber output or multimode fiber output versions are also available). The laser diodes of the various models are pre-configured to emit on a fixed wavelength within a spectral range between 375 nm and 1670 nm, i.e. from ultraviolet to infrared, based on all commercial available diode wavelengths. Typical peak powers are in the range of 25 mW to more than 1000 mW, depending on the laser diode used. The jitter between electrical trigger and optical pulse is about 4 ps. Special wavelengths or specifications are – if technically possible – available on request.

Different optical arrangements are possible
A graphical review of the different optical versions is given here...

PiLas Technical Background

The gain switched version of the PiLas uses the typical relaxation oscillations for laser diodes in the GHz range. They result from the dynamic interaction between the inverted population and the optical field. A short electrical pump pulse generates the oscillations with a time delay which depends on the intrinsic structure and material property of the laser diode. The electrical pulse width is adjusted, so that only the first relaxation oscillation can start. The short electrical pump pulse causes the gain to go considerably above threshold. The result is a single laser pulse with comparatively high output power. This behavior is also called “gain switching" and is similar in character to spiking in solid state lasers.


The picture (right) illustrates the development of a laser pulse from the electrical pump pulse (electrical current and the resulting carrier density versus laser threshold show the time window for laser activity)

High Power Diode Laser Systems DioLas
DioLas-Systems consist of:

DioLas DD50-2 with diode module DioMod–808-50-600-Pi and heat sink HS 120


The combined high power laser driver and TEC controller of A.L.S. – a high performance driver for high power diode laser modules, optimized for the best performance in industrial applications and for the use in research and development laboratories. It delivers an output current up to 50 A and a voltage up to 3 or 6 V and is designed for cw and pulsed operation with a rise time of 100 µs. It already includes the thermo-electrical temperature controller for active temperature stabilization and regulation of the used diode laser module.


The air forced high power laser diode heat sink of A.L.S., designed for heat loads up to 120, 80, 60 or 40 Watt (depending from the needed heat load for the used diode laser module). The heat sink includes the metal block, a temperature sensor, the Peltier cooling element (TEC) and a fan for the heat dissipation.


The diode laser module. For most of the pigtailed modules a visible (red) pilot (aiming) diode laser can be included in the diode laser module.

bulletlaser diode modules with output power up to 50 W for the fiber coupled ver­sions
bulletlaser diode modules with currents up to 50 A
bulletmicroprocessor controlled
bullettemperature controlled
bulletdifferent cases and housings possible
bulletfiber coupled systems with low di­ameter and low NA (0.22) fibers
(Core diameter 100 µm, 200 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm, 800 µm, …) 
bulletuser-friendly and reliable systems
bulletmaterial processing and micro material processing,
bulletstabilized pump sources for diode pumped solid state lasers or fiber lasers
bulletsources for illumination and lightning
bulletresearch and development
bulletOEM versions for test systems for laser diode module parameters (lifetime, burn in)

Two different systems are available:

30 W cw/pulsed Systems (prepared for fiber coupling 400 µm, 600 µm, …)
@ 808 nm
@ 940 nm
@ 980 nm

50 W cw/pulsed Systems (prepared for fiber coupling 400 µm, 600 µm, …)
@ 808 nm
@ 940 nm

@ 980 nm

The high power laser diode system will be assembled and tested based on the unique application requirements of the customer.  It is possible to procure various elements of the system, enabling the customer to configure a system at his/her facility.


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