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GEOMATEC Variable Beam Expanders


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Variable Beam Expander Products

Wavelength Model # Expansion Ratio Input Beam

Diameter (mm)

Output Beam

Diameter (mm)



Damage Threshold

(10nS Pulses)

1064nm EPZ-13C 1X Minimum

3X Maximum

8 for 1X

3.5 for 3X

8 for 1X

10.5 for 3X

45.5 >10MW/cm2 >96%
EPZ-37C 3X Minimum

7X Maximum

4.5 for 3X

1.8 for 7X

13.5 for 3X

12.6 for 7X


1064nm Zoom Beam Expander, 1X-3X

1064nm Zoom Beam Expander, 3X-7X


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