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Geomatec is pleased to introduce two lines of high quality optical assemblies to the most demanding scanning applications.  These product lines include beam expanding telescopes and f-theta and telecentric scanning lenses.  Please click the buttons above or the following links to access these product pages.

Beam Expanders are critical elements of scanning systems.  This element is often located at or near the raw output of a high power laser.  Its entry surfaces must be precise and must survive high output power from the laser.  The function of the beam expander is to then expand and collimate this beam prior to its introduction to a scanning system and focusing lens.  The focusing lens is most often located after a galvanometer or other scanner based assembly.  Beam Expanders are designed and produced in fixed and variable models.  The greater the degree to which the beam is expanded before introduction to the scan lens, the smaller a spot may be produced by that beam at the work.  Please click here for fixed expanders, here for variable units...

Lenses are used in scanning systems to vary the focal length of the output beam to create a flat plane from all possible output positions of the scanning system.  Without such a lens, the various output positions of the scanning system would describe a portion of a sphere.  Scanning lenses are designed and produced in f-theta and telecentric types.  Please click here for our scanning lens page...

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GEOMATEC brings over 50 years of experience with optical products and applications to scanning, and an unwavering dedication to the highest quality products and product support.



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