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LaserPoint supplies one of the widest ranges of high performance laser measurement instruments, combining high quality, technology and innovative solutions:

- Laser Power Meters

- Laser Energy Meters

- Industrial Laserprobes for Low, Medium and High Powers

- OEM Sensors

- Laser Process Monitor (LPM) to read power or energy at the workpiece in industrial machines

If you are designing a new laser source, system or machine and need a custom detector or monitornig setup, just fill and submit by fax or email the New Application Form providing laser data, system specs and application; LaserPoint will be pleased to consider your information and request, and respond with an analysis and proposal.

Heads for Laser Power & Energy Measurement

A Solid Range of Effective and Affordable Products

Telephone: 781-255-1064 / Fax: 781-255-1065 / email: [email protected]

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