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Based in Berlin, Germany, Lumics specializes in high performance semiconductor lasers. The company developed a breakthrough technology which significantly improves performance and reliability of its laser diodes. Lumics offers highest power density and best power conversion efficiency reported for the fiber-coupled laser modules.  Please click here for Lumics web pages...

Lumics focuses on pump laser chips and modules for optical amplifiers and commercial laser applications. Due to an unique chip design and manufacturing process Lumics pump lasers offer dramatically increased reliability and power conversion efficiency combined with high power levels.

Technical Summary (Please click here to request information.)

I Broad area laser diodes for material processing, sensing, medical, DPSSL applications etc.

II Single Mode Laser Diodes for analytical and sensor applications

III Pump laser for EDFA   



I Broad area laser diodes 
   for material processing, sensing, medical, DPSSL
   applications etc.


bullet14pin Butterfly package with TE-cooler

808nm - 3W - Data Sheet LU0808M030
915nm - 4W - Data Sheet LU0915M040
975nm - 4W - Data Sheet LU0975M040
bulletTO-220 uncooled package

808nm - 3W - Data Sheet LU0808T030
915nm - 4W - Data sheet LU0915T040
975nm - 4W - Data Sheet LU0975T040
bulletPulsed Fiber Laser

915nm - 150mW average power - Data Sheet LU1060F015

bulletHigh power single emitter laser diodes on Q-Mount 

808nm - 4W - Data Sheet LU0808I040
915nm - 5W - Data Sheet LU0915I050
975nm - 5W - Data Sheet LU0975I050
II Single Mode Laser Diodes 
  for analytical and sensor applications
bulletHigh power single mode laser 14pin butterfly module, up to 250mW out of fiber: 808nm / 850nm / 940nm / 976nm / 975nm / 1018nm / 1032nm / 1055nm / 1064nm / 1080nm
808nm - 100mW - Data Sheet LU0808M100
845nm - 200mW -  Data Sheet LU0845M200
940nm - 200mW - Data Sheet LU0940M200
1032nm - 150mW - Data Sheet LU1032M150
1055nm - 200mW - Data Sheet LU1055M200
1064nm - 150mW - Data Sheet LU1064M150
1064nm - 200mW - Data Sheet LU1064M200
1080nm - 150mW - Data Sheet LU1080M150
bulletSingle mode Laser chip on submount, up to 400mW 808nm / 845nm / 940nm / 975nm / 1018nm / 1032nm / 1056nm / 1064nm / 1080nm
845nm - 300mW -  Data Sheet LU0845S300
1064nm - 400mW - Data Sheet LU1064S400
1080nm - 400mW - Data Sheet LU1080S400
bulletSingle frequency external cavity laser 976nm and 1064nm in 14-pin butterfly package with up to 200mW
1064nm ECL - 150mW - Data Sheet LU1064M150_ECL



III Pump laser for EDFA

bullet980nm Module up to 400mW output power 
(14pin Butterfly package)
980nm - 330mW - Data Sheet LU0980M330
980nm - 200mW - Data Sheet LU0980M200
bullet980nm Module up to 200mW output power 
(MiniDil package)
980nm - 200mW - Data Sheet LU0980M200
977nm - 140mW - Data Sheet LU0977M140
bulletHigh power chip on submount up to 450mW operation power
980nm - 450mW - Data Sheet LU0980S450


Please note: Lumics replaced the last three digits of all product codes by a new 4 digit code. Fiber bragg grating details and internal part options are now visible to our customers. This has no impact on specification or device performance. Please download the mapping from old to new product code here. We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Product Codes

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