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Laser Point offers a series of monitors for advanced power and energy measurement that mate to all Laser Point detectors via a proprietary Intelligent Interface System (IIS )connection. It is sufficient to plug the head connector into the monitor port to get a calibrated instrument, already configured for the measurement. One of the great advantages of the IIS connection is that , should a new head be added to the lab equipment or to the system, the existing monitor can be used with that new head; in other words any Laserpoint detector can be associated to a specific monitor if measurement requirements become different.
Monitors convert then the output voltage signals from detectors into accurate readings of power, energy, rep.rate and more. All models have computer communication ports and analog outputs. Laser Point's line of readout units has been structured to match to a very broad range of applications and any customer budget, from best buy PLUS to high performance DUO .

PLUS and PlusSoft:         click on codes to view specs.
Laser Power/ Energy Meter and Application Software

Plus is the most versatile measurement monitor for thermal heads available on the market today with an absolutely outstanding price-to-performance .
Other than power it measures energy, allows wavelength correction for more precise measurements , bears a bargraph for laser tweaking.
It can be used on the field , for service purposes, in laboratory and can make sophisticated signal analysis with its optional SW.

- Power, Fit and Energy heads
- Wide Dynamic Ranges:1mW to 10 Kw, 1mJ to 300 J
-Wavelenght Correction
- User's Own Calibration Factor
- Dedicated Application SW (optional)
- Intelligent Connection to Detector
- Fast Analog Bargraph
- Line and Battery Operated
- Analog Output and Digital RS232 Interface
- Low Cost




TPM300         click on codes to view specs.
Analog and Digital Power Meter

TPM300 is the ideal instrument for laboratory , laser or machine servicing, production floor. It is provided with a large and well visible analog meter for tweaking and a digital display for accurate readings. It mates with all thermal heads for power measurement via LaserPoint's Intelligent Identification System and can be computer interfaced with the RS232 digital output. For chart recording a 0-1V analog output is provided.

- 11 ranges: 30 mW to 10 KW
- Reads Thermal Heads
- Analog Meter for laser tweaking
- Digital Display for precise reading
- Intelligent Connection to Detector
- Line and Battery Operated
-Analog Output and Digital RS232 Interface

DUO         click on codes to view specs.
Dual Channel Power/Energy Meter

Duo is a versatile and powerful monitor. It can be a power monitor, an energy monitor, both at the same time and two power or two energy monitors depending on the application needs. Duo mates with any head of LaserPoint range, from thermal detectors to pyroelectrics for pulse to pulse measurements. Its menu driven function selection allows quick setting for measurements on each of the 2 channels. Users can select the time duration when in Statistics Mode, if the need is to measure Min and Max , Average values or Std Deviation on power or energy. The relation between two beams or two optical setups is easy obtained by selecting the Ratio Mode: Ch A/Ch B or Ch B/Ch A.
The large, backlit display makes a Duo easy to read in dim light and a fast digital bargraph is provided for laser tuning. Data collection, remote analysis, automation of setups can be achieved using the RS232 interface.

- Dual Channel, both Power and Energy
- Wide Dynamic Ranges:1mW to 10 Kw, 1mJ to 100 J
- Reads Thermal and Pyro Heads
- Large Area Graphic Display
- Ratio A/B or B/A
- Autorange
- Statistical Functions (min, max,avg, std. dev)
- Fast Digital Bargraph
- Line and Battery Operated
-Analog ,Digital RS232 and GPIB (optional) Outputs


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