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Based in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, NEOARK offers a strong roster of lasers to serve a wide range of applications, including Helium-Neon (HeNe) and Stabilized Helium-Neon Lasers, Ruby Lasers, CO2 Lasers and Solid State Lasers. 


Technical Summary (Click a product image to download a pdf datasheet)

He-Ne Laser, He-Ne IR Laser
 Coaxial He-Ne Laser
OEM Source for measurement applications

    Wavelength: 633nm
    HN-405R       Power: 0.5mW
    HN-410R, P   Power: 1mW
    HN-530R, P   Power: 3mW
    HN-550R, P   Power: 5mW
    (R: Random polarization, P: Linear polarization, Extinction Ratio 500:1)

 Power Source Built-in Type HeNe Laser
Multi-purpose with integrated Power Supply

    Wavelength: 633nm
    NEO-1M     Power: 0.6mW
 High Power Linear Polarization He-Ne Laser
For interferometer & measurement applications

    Wavelength: 633nm
    NEO-15MS   Power: 15mW
    NEO-30MS   Power: 30mW
    NEO-50MS   Power: 50mW
    (All Linear polarization, Extinction Ratio 1000:1)

 1.15m IR HeNe Laser
For IR measurement light source applications

    Wavelength: 1.15m 
2 (Linear Polarization)  Power: 5mW
2 (Linear Polarization)  Power: 8mW
    N(Linear polarization, Extinction Ratio 1000:1)
 1.52m IR He-Ne Laser
For development of IR optical elements, for efficiency sensing light source

    Wavelength: 1.52m   NEO-15R4
4   Power: 1.5mW 
4   Power: 3mW
    (All Linear Polarization, Extinction Ratio 1000:1)
 3.39m IR HeNe Laser
For gas absorption meter light source

    Wavelength: 3.39m
3 (Linear Polarization)   Power: 4mW
3 (Linear Polarization)   Power: 8mW
    (Linear Polarization, Extinction Ratio 1000:1)

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