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Based in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, NEOARK offers a strong roster of lasers and instruments to serve a wide range of optical and magnetic applications. 

Technical Summary (Click here to request information on NEOARK's magnetic instruments)

Magnetic Material Imaging Instruments
 Micro Kerr Effect Measuring Equipment BH-918DM-A
By an application of Kerr effect, magnetic characteristic of thin film magnetic materials can be measured both by micro beam (OPTROSCOPE unit about 1mm phi) and by micro beam (micro Kerr optical unit about 1m phi to 30m phi).
 Micro Kerr Effect Measuring Equipment BH-918DM-RM
It is mainly designed to measure magnetized property of thin film magneto  materials in micro area. High sensitivity magneto Kerr effect measuring unit  and microscope optical unit.eter)
 High Magnetic Field Kerr Effect Measuring Equipment
By an application of Kerr effect, magnetic characteristic of GMR film can be measured by micro beam.
M-H loop measurement and mapping can be achieved with high resolution about for 30
m phi (micro beam diameter)
Magnetic strain OPTROSCOPE 
OPTROSCOPE for high magnetic field 
OPTROSCOPE for anisotropic dispersion measurement 

 Magnetic Anisotropy Evaluating Equipment (OPTROSCOPE)
OPTROSCOPE for magneto thin film to measure Kerr loop measurement  magnetic domain observation and mapping
 Variable Incident Angle Surface Magneto Optics / Kerr Effect
 Measuring Equipment BH-620SK-TK
ISMOKE (Surface Magnetic Optics Measurement)
It is the device to measure a magnetized property on surface of thin film magnetic materials, which is under processing to film in vacuum chamber, by using magnetic optical Kerr effect.
 MR Property Measuring Equipment BH-403MR-ND 

It is designed to measure MR property, magnetic field direction  property/thermal property by MR effect, of MR (magnetic resistance effect)  devices.
 * Applied magnetic field vs constant electric current Faraday
 * Applied magnetic field vs constant voltageby
 * Magnetic field direction angle vs MR effect
 * Temperature vs MR effect
 * Rotating magnetic field vs resistance value
 * Thermal fluctuation vs resistance value

 Spectrum Surface Magneto Optics Kerr Effect Measuring
 Equipment BH-820SK-TK
Spectrum SMOKE (Surface Magnetic Kerr Effect Measurement) 
It is the device to measure wavelength dependence at magnetized conditions on  surface of thin film magnetic materials, by using spectral light source, and to  measure light transmittance.
 In-plane/Polar Surface Magneto Optics Kerr EffectMeasuring
 Equipment BH-620-LP
It is the surface magneto optics device being possible to measure Polar Kerr  effect and in-plane Kerr effect.
On in-plane measurement, a measuring light axis onto surface of sample can be  changed.
 Perpendicular High Magnetic Filed Wavelength Tunable Type
 Kerr Effect Measuring Equipment BH-M800S
Wavelength Tunable・For Vertical High Magnetic Field
By using Kerr effect, Faraday effect, M-H characteristic, Kerr rotation angle,  Faraday rotation angle etc. of vertically magnetized amorphous magnetism  is measured by tuning wavelength. By using heating chamber (Option), a  thermal property can be measured in range of room temperature to 300C.
 Faraday / Kerr Effect Measuring Equipment BH-810C-FR 
For High Magnetic Field Optical Magnet Measuring
It is the device to measure M-H characteristic, Faraday rotation angle,  Kerr rotation angle, transmittance and reflectance of vertically magnetized amorphous magnetism.  It is recommendable for evaluation of multi layer high density recording materials like as LIMDOW, MSR etc.
 Polar Kerr Effect Measuring Equipment BH-810CPC
Polar Kerr effect measuring equipment for perpendicular magnetic layer as  recording media such as perpendicular magnetic recording film. It measures  magnetized property  of memory materials etc.
 Perpendicular Magnetized Film Kerr Effect Automatic
 Measuring Equipment BH-813M 
It is automatic device to measure retention power, Kerr rotation angle, sample-reflectance and ellipticity (option) of amorphous magnetism materials  (which has perpendicular magnet easy axis) in whole surface of disk, by using Kerr effect.
 Optical-Magnet Materials General Purpose Evaluating
 Device BH-700LS
On this machine, measurement of M-H loop characteristic (Kerr/Faraday) of  MO materials, and a simulation both of recording and of elimination can be  achieved. 

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