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Based in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, NEOARK offers a strong roster of lasers to serve a wide range of applications, including Helium-Neon (HeNe) and Stabilized Helium-Neon & Diode Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers. 


Technical Summary - Click here to request information on NEOARK's stabilized lasers, or on many of the product images for a datasheet for that product.

Stabilized Lasers
  Microcomputer controlled Auto-lock Iodine Stabilized He-Ne Laser
for length calibration light source
Uncertainty of oscillating frequency: 2.510
Oscillating wavelength: 632.991nm
Power: 5025W
Polarization: linear
 Acetylene Stabilized Diode Laser
for reference wavelength calibration light source, for fiber measurement wavelength stabilized light source
Frequency stabilization: 10-11 (evaluated by UEC and from AIST)
Oscillating wavelength: 1542.3837nm
Oscillating frequency: 194369569.4MHz
The products under technical collaboration with UEC and with AIST
 Iodine Stabilized Offset-lock He-Ne Laser
for keeping stabilization with uncertainty of wavelength, and high power
Uncertainty of oscillating frequency: 2.510
Oscillating frequency: auto-locked at a wavelength 250MHz far from the locked
frequency by absorption line of iodine
Power: over 0.5mW
Polarization: linear
Power Super Stabilized He-Ne Laser
power is stabilized by light feed-back, for absorption, scattering measuring light source
Oscillating wavelength: 633nm
Power: 1.0mW,  3.0mW
Power stabilization:   0.5%/H 
Polarization: Linear
Frequency Stabilized He-Ne Laser
for measuring light source
Oscillating wavelength: 633nm
Power: 0.3mW
Frequency stabilization: 310
Polarization: Linear
Transverse Zeeman Laser
high power with frequency stabilized laser by Zeeman effect
Oscillating wavelength: 633nm
Stabilization Method: Transverse Zeeman
Beat Frequency: 300KHz to 1MHz
Frequency stabilization: 110

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