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Germany -- Berlin, Lumics a manufacturer of pump laser modules and laser chips introduces the un-cooled LU0975T040 laser module with up to 4W output power from a multi mode fiber.  Lumics introduces this laser in a un-cooled TO220 package coupled with a 100/125um multimode fiber with a numerical aperture of 0.22. The fiber is terminated with a standard 2.5mm diameter ceramic ferrule. FC/PC or SMA connectors are optional.

The new package design is used as a platform for the a new series of high power single emitter laser diodes at different pump wavelength with an excellent cost / performance ratio. Combined pump laser modules which use several single emitter allow an easy scalable output power.  Target applications include industrial Erbium Ytterbium fiber lasers and Erbium doped fiber amplifiers.

The new generation of high power modules allows a cost effective laser system design with an enhanced performance.
The complete module assembly is based on fully automated active fiber alignment technology.

Production is ISO 9001 approved with several screening steps throughout the chip manufacturing and module assembly process.  The operating current is specified with typically 6.5A. The very low forward voltage is specified with max. 3.2V. The threshold current is typically 245mA. The performance of the device is based on Lumics propriety chip technology which ensure very high reliability with a breakthrough in laser facet passivation. 

Products samples are available in February 2005.

About Lumics

Lumics, based in Berlin, Germany specializes in laser module components. The product range includes laser diodes and fiber coupled devices in 14-pin butterfly and Mini-DIL design for the use in optical communication networks, analytical instruments and commercial laser applications which require green and blue visible laser components. The company is specialized in development and production of laser devices especially at 450nm to 550nm and 800nm  to 1080nm wavelength.

 For more information please visit our web site at www.lumics.com.


Lumics GmbH

Carl-Scheele-Str. 16

12489 Berlin (Germany)

Tel: +49 30 6780676 - 0

Fax: +49 30 6780676 - 26

E-mail : [email protected] 

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