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Pyroelectric Heads

-Models for most popular pulsed lasers
-High sensitivity sensors for power and energy detection
-Compact and large area detectors
-Energy measurement up to 40 joules
-EMI rejection
-NIST traceability


Use for the Following Applications,






-Average Power from Pulsed Lasers
-Single Pulse energy
-Pulse to Pulse Variations
-Long Term Power & Energy Monitoring
-Measurement of Laser Stability
-Statistical Information on Laser Beam:
-Min & Max Value
-Standard Deviation
-Marking (glass, cables, polymers, etc.)
-Laser Ablation
-Micro soldering
-Micro machining
…and Sources
-Excimers @ 190nm, 258nm, 351nm
-Nd-Yag to 4th

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