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Pioneering Laser Technology
Our company is an international pioneer, developing modular components and subsystems for laser beam deflection and supplying these to a world-wide market. A professional consulting service, tailored products and continuous customer support are the pillars which support our company strategy.

Our Performance

The RAYLASE service range encompasses deflection heads for CO2, HeNe and Nd:YAG lasers, frequency-doubled and frequency-tripled Nd:YAG lasers, diode and argon lasers. Our products handle laser beams with a power capacity between a few milliwatts and one kilowatt.

Our Products
Innovation, precision and user-orientated software form the basis of our products. The spectrum ranges from single axis galvanometer-scanners and XY deflection units to devices for opto-mechanical laser power control.


Our Markets
High-quality laser technology is not only indispensable in many areas of economic activity today. In addition to material processing, lasers are increasingly used in medical engineering, microscopy, measuring technology, print engineering and laser projection. Our PCD (Power Control Device) enables fine control of
the laser stability. This allows many companies involved in printing, packaging, electronics and the automobile industry to sucessfully carry out a broad spectrum of advanced applications.

April 1999:
SCANPRO TECHNOLOGY GmbH is established by Peter von Jan, Alistair Gill, Wolfgang Hauck
and Thomas Baab

November 1999:
Start of serial production of dual-axis subsystems, begin of control card and software development

June 2000:
The company changed its legal status from a GmbH to an AG

May 2001:
The company is renamed RAYLASE AG

August 2001:
Delivery of the first PCD unit (registration of an international patent)

September 2001:
Delivery of the first three-axis subsystems

November 2001:
Promotion of the PCD project by the Bavarian State

April 2002:
Start of serial production of dual-axis subsystems for high-speed applications

November 2002:
First PCD subsystem for CO2 laser power stabilizing delivered for non-destructive marking of glass

January 2003:
Introduction of new product line Superscan

May 2003:
Relocation to new premises in Wessling

October 2003:
Delivery of first subsystems to China

February 2004:
Nomination German Start-Up 2004

March 2004:
Nomination Bavarian Start-Up 2004

April 2004:
RAYLASE 5th Anniversary
ILOPE, Beijing (China)

May 2004:
Award "Bayerischer Innovationspreis 2004"

September 2004:
Introduction of new product line: RLA1004, RLA1504, RLA2004
We are Developing the Future
The know-how and the many years of experience our personnel have on the market have not only provided the basis for our success, they also provide a performance guarantee for our customers. Because we continually strive to improve our products, we also invest a large percentage of our effort in the development of user-orientated hard- and software solutions. RAYLASE is therefore not only a manufacturer of high-quality, specialised products, but also a problem-solver and innovator which strives to answer your needs and the high demands which the future makes.
We as a company set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to quality and performance, and we place enormous importance on the selection of our personnel. In addition to specialized know-how, motivation and the ability to work as part of a team are the criteria at RAYLASE.
This strategy has enabled us to compile a first-rate team of international experts, experienced consultants and sales/marketing professionals. Moreover, we place an emphasis on the closest co-operation with research institutes and development facilities (such as the Fraunhofer Institute), drawing on these to enhance our development efforts.
We currently employ 20+ personnel
in the following fields:

• Production
• Administration/Purchase
• Software development
• Mechanical engineering development
• Electronic engineering development
• Service/Application
• Sales/Marketing

We realize our orders through close co-operation with the customer, this tailored, customer-orientated approach being one of the major strengths of RAYLASE AG. Successful examples of this strategy include:
sub-modules for non-destructive glass engraving, insulation stripping of ribbon cables, contact-free testing of PCB’s or production of smart cards.
In addition to specific customer solutions, we also place a great emphasis on the further development of existing products and systems.

RAYLASE is also among the undisputed leaders in the following areas:

• Patented Power Control Device (I-PCD) for stabilizing the power capacity output of CO2 lasers
at less than 0.5%
• Highly-flexible three-axis subsystems for the textile industry
• Mark-on-the-fly sub-modules for target speeds of up to 500 metres/min.
• 3D sub-modules for diode lasers


Telephone: 781-255-1064 / Fax: 781-255-1065 / email: [email protected]

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