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Scan Products A summary of the scan products and companies we work with.

Galvoline Scan Products

Galvoline Optical Scanners

Galvoline produces high quality, high performance optical scanners for a range of industrial & biomedical applications.  Galvoline's designs use stable, high performance optical and capacitive position detectors for closed loop performance.  Galvoline scanners also use the highest strength permanent magnets.  The result is fast and precise placement of laser energy for your application, time after time.

In addition to its roster of conventional rotary motion galvos, Galvoline produces a high performance linear model, useful for purely linear translation of a focusing lens or other optic.  Call or write for more info...



Geomatec Scan Products



GEOMATEC Scan Optics

Geomatec produces the highest quality beam expander and scan optic products for 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm applications.  The 355nm product line also serves 351nm applications equally well.

In the beam expander line, Geomatec offers both fixed ratio and variable or zoom beam expanders to cover a range of expansion ratios.

In the scan lens line, Geomatec offers f-theta and telecentric scan lenses for small and large fields.  The Geomatec line is highly linear within the scan field, produces excellent spot uniformity and superior repeatability from lens to lens to lens.

Geomatec is based in Yokohama and Tokyo, and has sophisticated engineering and manufacturing facilities located around Japan.



Raylase Scan Products


Raylase Scan Products

Raylase produces world class scanner assemblies for a wide range of scanner applications.   The Raylase product families include both pre-objective and post-objective configurations.  The product families are organized by performance, optical system parameters and overall cost.  The pre-objective configurations are the Superscan, Turboscan and RLA series.  The Axialscan family is designed to offer larger field processing by using a dynamic Z-axis to enable a larger processing field.

Raylase AG is based in Wessling, a suburb of Munich, Germany.



Wavelength Technology "Ronar Smith" Scan Products


Wavelength Technology Scan Optics

Wavelength Technology produces solid performance scan optics throughout the laser spectrum, and is an attractive option for CO2 beam expanders and scan lenses.

Wavelength Technology is located in Singapore.


Telephone: 781-255-1064 / Fax: 781-255-1065 / email: [email protected]

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