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GEOMATEC Scan Lenses


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Model # Wavelength Focal Length Field Size (Min.) Input Beam ( Max.) Spot Size ( Typ.) Comment
FT-075 1064nm 75mm 50mm 12mm 10um M60 & M85 Mounting Ring Options
FT-100 1064nm 101.3mm 80mm 12mm 17um  
FT-100SHG 532nm 101.2mm 80mm 12mm 8.5um  
FT-100THG 351 & 355nm 101.0mm 42mm 12mm 7um Telecentric
FT-150 1064nm 151.9mm 140mm 8.5mm 20um  
FTC-150/063 630 & 1064nm 150mm 120mm 12mm 20um Chromatic Correction*
FTC-150/065 650 & 1064nm 150mm 120mm 12mm 20um Chromatic Correction*
FT-150THG 351 & 355nm 150mm 120mm 12mm 8.5um  
FT-270 1064nm 273mm 230mm 12mm 31um  
FT-3427 633 & 1064nm 338.4mm 270mm 30mm 26um Chromatic Correction*
FT-350 633 & 1064nm 350mm 350mm 30mm 26um Chromatic Correction*

Please see the datasheet for dimensional tolerance information.  All specifications subject to change without advance notice.  Please call 781-575-1208 or email with questions or special requirements.

Chromatic Correction indicates that the aiming and working laser spots overlap throughout the working field to within the spot diameter.


Telephone: 781-255-1064 / Fax: 781-255-1065 / email: [email protected]

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