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OEM Sensors & Heads Application Notes

Laser source monitoring
This is by far the most popular application of OEM heads. They are placed behind laser rear mirrors and catch the <1-2% radiation leaks exiting from these mirrors; that amount is strictly proportional to the total emitted power so its measurement results to be very reliable. Given the small leakage fraction, multi-kilowatts sources can be continuously monitored by low power sensors. Though the final validation of a laser source, including the calibration of its internal power sensor, is made by a power meter, yet OEM sensors provide successive field monitoring, are used for later alignment purposes and setting of process parameters.

Fiber monitoring
Monitoring the integrity of fibers delivering Nd-Yag, Diode laser, medical lasers beams, either at high powers or low powers, can be done by picking up the residual beam portion (< 0.5-2%) non reflected by the total 90 mirror in the focusing heads.

Machine, on-line monitoring
On-line monitoring can be easily achieved by exploiting the leaks of existing optical elements or keeping dedicated components (like beamsplitters, filters, diffractive optics, etc) into the beam path.

Beam dump
In some medical applications the laser must be kept running at its working power or energy even when it is not in use for treatment. The necessary power/energy must be immediately available for the short periods of application and there must be no delays (e.g. warm-up times ). OEM heads are used as beam dumps for the non-operating periods and an extractable mirror releases the beam for the application.

Sampling measuring port
Several medical machines bear a port for time-to-time measurement of laser power or energy. In Countries like the US it is a precise requirement from FDA to have a monitor for each laser on-board the machine. OEM heads are plugged into the ports to read the power or energy available for treatment exiting, e.g. from optical fibers. Moreover, since optical fibers or fiber tips crack very easily, frequent checks are a wise solution.


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